Short Spurts Toward Success Against House Mess! Week 4

The Busy Mom’s 4 Week Challenge. Breaking Free! Conquering House Mess

It’s the final week of the Challenge! How are You doing? My guess is, from what I am reading on the posts all over Facebook that you’ve been exceedingly busy! I hope you’ve squeezed in time to incorporate the nightly routines we’ve been learning, though.

Let’s get started by remembering the first three Challenges and then adding #4…
Challenge #1 – Do a quick straighten up of the house before bed each night.
Challenge #2 – Put away clean dishes. Set the table/prepare for the next day’s breakfast.
Challenge #3 – Be sure no dishes are left undone. Fill Dishwasher. Dump the old coffee grounds. Add fresh coffee for the morning.

Challenge #4.

Lay out clothes for the next day. Straighten up/quick clean the bathroom. All before bed each day.

I hope you are feeling a new sense of control over your environment. You’re probably even sleeping better, knowing that you are the “alpha dog” of your home environment. What a great way to lessen stress!

That’s why I am here. For YOU! To encourage you and cheer you on with any success you achieve! Small or big. EACH is a success and should be celebrated and shared. That keeps us moving forward. It is encouragement to persevere.

Please be sure to leave at least one comment this week to let us know how you are doing with the Challenge. Each comment gives you entry into the pool for an opportunity to win the prize!

Until next time,

Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place!

God bless you bunches,
Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!
Let's Connect!Awaiting His shout,
Pam Taylor

The MomCourager™

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