Mentor Coaching for Moms


  • Are you longing for more but you don’t know what more would even look like?
  • Does it feel to you like you are just going through the motions rather than truly parenting your child?
  • How about this one: Have you ever packed a lunch for your child and forgot to put the peanut butter and honey on the bread?
  • Do you wonder “Is this my forever life? Dirty diapers and sick kids? Will I ever get a full night of sleep again? Will I ever have an empty laundry basket?”

Struggles could have been my middle name, as I learned how to be a Mom. I’d never been a Mom before when my first child (a daughter…she’s the one in the picture) was born. 🙂  And then, when my second child was born, I realized I had never been the Mom of a son before! YIKES!!! Just when I thought I might have this mothering thing figured out, God sends a curve ball! Girls and boys really are different. One amazing gift from God was that He has taught me that a great sense of humor is the best medicine ever!

Though there are many things I wish I’d done differently, through the clutter of what I did wrong as a single homeschooling Mom, God still proved Himself faithful. I clung to Him and He helped me through the rough days and rejoiced with me through all the little AND the BIG victories! Even in the times when I felt like He had abandoned me, I had come to know Him and trust that He was working for my good even if it didn’t feel like it.

As your coach, I’ll help you discover how God has blessed you with hidden gifts and strengths. You will learn to stare overwhelm in the face, enthusiastically embracing your life.

I’ll help you discover the deeply satisfying life God intends for you. I’ll help you become that joyful mother of children, fulfilled in your calling.

Button-Contact-PamYou don’t have to do this Mom thing alone! Let’s get started preparing you for success!