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emily-forsythe-familyPam made me see the world differently! She has given me the tools to genuinely take joy in my daily tasks and feel an overwhelming thankfulness to God for the opportunity I’ve been given to serve my husband and children. I have a new sense of confidence in my decision making, and have found myself surrendering my worldly ambitions to the Will of God, which has brought such joy and peace to my life. In grace and maturity, Pam speaks kindly and guides with wisdom and encouragement. She is a wealth of biblical knowledge and a solid rock of faith. She inspires me to understand and appreciate God’s handiwork in others, while also marveling at the miracle God has created in me. Pam is truly a gift from God to mothers. She changes lives. There is no one like her!

Emily Forsyth
Crane Creek Frames
Clear Lake, IA


YvonneLongPam is deeply committed to her clients of her coaching practice. She has a servant’s heart with a great ability to hear for them what they cannot hear for themselves. Her deep Biblical background serves her well as she leads through the Word her clients to reach their full potential.

Yvonne Long


toni-rupert-newWhen Pam Taylor writes that she is a “strength coach,” I must wholeheartedly agree. After coaching with her, I am now realizing many business and personal goals. These wins were the foundation for opportunities I am experiencing now. With Pam, I learned to use powerful giftings that were already at hand. As a coach, she is creative and full of integrity. I highly recommend her.

Toni Rupert
Toni Ruppert Fine Art & Design
Berwyn, IL


MichaelPfau-webPam was a student of mine at the Institute for Life Coach training. I always appreciated her strong desire to learn, connect with people at a deep level and her love for the Lord. She continues to exhibit these traits through her writing and has a real heart to touch those in need of a vision for God’s work in His people.

Michael Pfau, M.Ed., PCC, BCC
Crossways Life Coaching
Prospect Park, PA


shelly-s-cantrellPam Taylor will not only be your coach but your prayer warrior. She has prayed me through key places in my life where I felt stuck, but I got to where I am now with Pam’s encouragement and support (both in the physical and spiritual realms).

Shelly S. Cantrell
Life & Career Coach, Author, Speaker, and Photojournalist


Dawn-EdwardsI believe everyone’s desire is to move forward, after all, no one wants to be stuck, do they! Our human nature wants to move forward, but that same nature also will cause us to become stuck, either in the past or in a present circumstance, that we just can’t seem to rise above, because it is so hard and such an effort to do so. That’s why we need the power of the Lord to move forward and either a good friend to encourage us with each step, or a life coach. I am grateful for Pam Taylor, my Christian life coach who has helped me move forward rather then stay stuck. She has encouraged me with scripture and wise words and she has helped me to see my potential in my strengths, abilities, and even in my areas of weakness. So if you feel stuck today, you can do something about it, give that over to God and find someone to hold you accountable, someone who is an encourager…a Christian life coach like Pam Taylor.

Dawn Edwards, Pastor
Message of Hope AG
Bear, Delaware