They Are Gone! Just Like That!

They were here for almost a week. Each has a story. Each has a job to do!  Each has a soul that God wants to save!

It is HOT outside
And that is where they work. Outside. They work all night to set up. Then endure impatient and rude people all day for almost a week and then while I was sleeping, they work all night to break it all down. And pack it up. And leave town. They are the Carnival population.

They have a job to do
They try hard to entice you to come and try their game. Or buy their food or drink. They call to you as you walk by. Trying to tempt you to test your skill or endurance. Or go on one of the rides like the bumper cars, ferris wheel, or the merry-go-round. It is a really, really hard job! Some just cannot get anything else…for various reasons. And yet many of them actually do LOVE what they are doing.

They are like their own country
I like to go to visit and get to know them (when it is their un-busy time of day). I want them to know they MATTER. That what they have to say is important. I have learned a lot from these friends of the Carnival population. In the first year, they showed me my heart. My pride. My arrogance. (Not on purpose. Actually, it was GOD who showed me those things about myself.) So the next year, I went with fresh eyes.

The Carnival population is a roving mission field
They have their own “language” and habits and favorite foods. Their own uniform. They are family. Traveling together. So I listen now. And learn. And *I* am the one who is blessed. Who would have guessed that the funny man without any teeth would quote for me large passages of Scripture. WOW! I LOVED it! He glowed as He spoke the words of His Master, Jesus! The population is often different from year to year, but that makes it all the more challenging and all the more interesting.

Once a missionary, always a missionary
This is a delightful time for me. The seekers come to our town. Only a block away. Most likely they don’t know they are seeking. But maybe, just maybe I have planted a seed or two that someone else will water and that God will bring the increase. Because they matter to Him, so they matter to me. Sometimes I pray with them. Sometimes I just listen to their story. Sometimes we just share a funny story. And we laugh a lot!

No different
It’s no different than when I was on the foreign mission field. Except they come to my town rather than me going to theirs. I still make the same mistakes. I still have to learn their “foreign” language. I still have to learn to interpret body language correctly. I still have to learn to like their cuisine. I still have to overcome some natural fears.

And I still have to learn to see them through God’s eyes. Each has a story. Each has needs. Each has a God-sized hole in them that only God can fill. He has already filled some and some are still seeking…

Once a year over the Independence Day holiday
They come and stay about a week. And. Then. They are gone! Just like that! They pack up and leave in the middle of the night. And although I am glad that the mess, commotion and noise are gone, I miss them. They have taught me a lot about survival and laughter in the midst of hardship. About making wherever you are and whoever you are with, FAMILY! Because we are all in this together!

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

Until next time,

God bless you bunches!Let's Connect!
Thanks for all you do!
Awaiting His shout,
Pam Taylor

The MomCourager™


They Are Gone! Just Like That! — 4 Comments

  1. I have sawdust in my blood through my great aunt who ran off and joined the circus to play the coliopy in the 1920s or so. For a time after that, she was considered the “black sheep” of the family. Then she married the circus owner and for a while they had lots of money to spend. The circus was good business from 1940 to 1965 (give or take a few years). Once they showed up in a Rolls Royce, another time in a helicopter. The circus was so exciting for me as a kid. The Hunt Family was always kind to me and made me feel very special. They gave me everything for free. Uncle Harry walked me (and whoever was with me) around the grounds and introduced me. I was a child. I felt wonderful.

    I’m not sure how this fits into your post. I do know that my history makes me have a special love for people who do a job that requires them to travel all summer. From time to time I got to visit the Hunt’s in their motor home. It seemed like a wonderful place to me then.

    And so, I applaud your desire to help these vagabonds become a part of your community. To look underneath the grime and the grease paint of the carnival life and see the soul of these people who as more like me than they are different.

    I think that is at least one of the keys to healing the devicive environment of our time.

    • Pam Taylor, The MomCourager said:

      First off, what is the “coliopy”? Sounds interesting! // I love this story you shared! Thank you so much for sharing it! I remember being “privileged” because I was your cousin and so had greater access and if I remember correctly, probably got in for free! // Your story fits perfectly into the post, Ellen! It shows on a much deeper level, the personalities of REAL people that work in the Carnivals and in your case, the Circus. I love the statement re looking “Underneath the grime and the grease paint” to see “the soul of these people who” are actually no different than we are! // And yes…it is a key to greater understanding in our world! God bless you for taking the time to share your beautiful story here. It would be great if you cut and pasted it into FB and shared it there. It would be a great blessing to many!

  2. Ellen said:

    The world is our classroom if we are open to learning.

    • Pam Taylor, The MomCourager said:

      I LOVE that! What a profound statement, Ellen!

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