My Secret Weapons: My Special Gift to You!

My secret weapons
What a joy to be praying for you as I type this! So, with my heart full of gratitude, I could hardly wait to tell you about what we have for you. I am beyond excited!

I want you to be one of the first to have the opportunity to see what we have put together for you! Here is an opportunity to be mentored by some of the very best the world has seen since the early apostles! Prepare to be inspired!

From my earliest days as a Christian
I can’t remember the exact day I suddenly realized that EACH OF US is either a Missionary OR a Mission-Field. So, if you are a Christian, you ARE a missionary. These saints of old “got that”. They want us to know their secrets. So, this list of blessings is for you, too! To strengthen and encourage you. As each of these saints have done for me!

The Lord made it clear
As Christ-followers, each and every one of us is called to GO and TELL. Some are called to your own neighborhood and some are called to distant lands. These true stories will give you a fresh love for your Savior and Lord. And direction and enthusiasm to do just that…to go and tell!

The Options We Are Offering Are Amazing
Check it out! Twelve Books Every Missionary Should Read We are even offering multiple access options for each. So, if you are either a visual learner, or an auditory learner, we have you covered! Suitable even for family reading times together. I would really love to hear back from you what you have to say about the eBook. And if you have any questions, or if I can help you, please contact me.

Are You Ready to be Encouraged & to Grow in Your Christian Walk?
Request your gift right now, so you don’t forget! To sign up, just use the form (in the upper right column). I can’t wait to hear what you think! We are all in this together. Sharing our “secrets” for success. Marantha! Come Lord Jesus!

Stay in touch! Thank you for all you do. YOU are amazing!

God bless you bunches!Let's Connect!
Awaiting His shout,
Pam Taylor

The MomCourager™

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