What’s the Point? Why Bother?

Asaph syndrome
Paraphrasing Psalmist Asaph’s conclusions as he observed life: Looking around you, are you asking what’s the point of serving God? Are you surrounded by people who don’t care one bit for God and His laws? Maybe they are prosperous, popular. Proud of their accomplishments and possessions. Do the apparent blessings of their lives cause you to stop and re-evaluate like Asaph did? After all, they seem to be experiencing His goodness. So, what’s the point? Why bother?

Kingdom view
Honestly, we have on occasion, had those same thoughts. Thankfully, God interrupts that state of mind with Himself. He can do that in various ways. A time spent quietly in the Scriptures, with a passage that impacts you like never before. A time with a friend that is wrestling with the same thing; and God speaks to your friend through you and you HEAR YOURSELF speaking exactly what YOU needed to hear from God. Wow! I love when He does that! Or maybe it happens as you are outside in the mountains or at the ocean and GOD OVERWHELMS you with HIMSELF. With His power. With His creativity. He brings you back to Himself over and over again. Like He did for Asaph.

Identify your driver
It is important to discover: what drives your thought processes? Your mindset? When you’re confused, what is your default? Does the popular culture have a strong pull on you? Your family heritage? Your church culture? Your social contacts? Your boss? Your friends? What causes you to make the decisions you make? Is it default because you have always done it that way, or is it a purposeful seeking God’s plan for you?

Identify your WHY
I remember when I first staring BEING coached, I was admitting I watched a lot of “cops and robbers” shows on T.V. and said I “should stop”. And my coach quickly jumped in to say that it is important first of all to know my WHY. WHY was I watching those shows? What need did they fill in my life? I was in a really stressful job and there was not a lot of fairness. It seemed a bit like Asaph’s syndrome: “What’s the point?” “Why am I here?” And since I felt so beaten down and weary from the long hours, I just sat mindlessly watching shows where the good guys won and the bad guys got caught and were punished. It filled a need for fairness and justice in my life. That was my WHY.

Tell God your struggles
God and I talked a lot about that job. It was one of the many really hard things I had to do to survive in my life. At least, I THOUGHT I had to do it. And then came the opportunity to take Coaching classes and to hire my own personal coach and to start my own business. And I have no doubt about my WHY now. You can have this kind of overcomer experience, too. God created you with gifts, talents, skills, and strengths that He wants you to use to the fullest. A coach can help you get that same clarity.

Jesus Calling
Wherever you are, if you are a Christ-follower, you are a disciple of Jesus, called to go and tell the Good News! Whether here in your neighborhood or on a distant shore. You are His and He is yours. He will not ever leave you an orphan. He empowers you when you ask. You must ASK and you must CHOOSE to follow or not. To ask: where do You want me, Lord? The Lord is a gentleman and will not force Himself on you. So, ask and He will answer.

Restless? Discontent?
Are you wondering if it is possible to have that inner joy you read about in the Bible? It might be time to examine carefully who you have made your role models, because whomever you spend time with influences your thinking, your lifestyle, and your goals. And your degree of contentment & joy.

A resource
I am delighted to offer you an opportunity to spend time with some amazing saints who found their WHY. Their peace. Their joy. Their purpose. We have pulled together 12 books that have been life-changers for me in my spiritual journey. Some are even offered as audible books! You can download the link onto your computer or your smart phone, and read or listen whenever you choose. So…Be sure to sign up for the NEW FREE resource we have created especially with you in mind. All you have to do is ask for it on the right side of the website landing page. Don’t put it off. Inspiration awaits only a click away! 🙂

How do you find that contented life?
The answer is: It is God IN you, the Hope of Glory! Christ IN you! The Holy Spirit prompting you. You and He can do great things together, no matter where you serve Him. In your home. In your neighborhood. Or in another country. But you must make that decision to follow His leading in your own personal life. Each of us has a different call. A different purpose. Different strengths. Different gifts. “Comparisons” are deadly to your spiritual life! Together IN Him, in our differences, we make a beautiful symphony, continuing the work you will read about in the 12 amazing books offer.

So, the original question: What’s the point? Why bother?
Do you go or do you stay?
The answer is YES! Whichever He directs you! And IN Him, you will figure it out together, why you are here, and you will be blessed in your obedience!  I can help you with that…as your coach, together we will embrace your strengths and gifts, and discover where He wants to use you as His ambassador to this earth! Praising Him for His goodness!

Until next time, thank you for all you do.

God bless you bunches!Let's Connect!
Awaiting His shout,
Pam Taylor

The MomCourager™

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