We Are Not Home Yet. Heaven Is Our Home

“As you celebrate the first coming of Jesus, let the fact that we’re not yet in our true and eternal home keep you focused on His second coming – and your eternal heavenly home.” – Turning Point Magazine & Devotional, December 2012.

Memories of past Christmases can be sad and almost debilitating to the point we don’t even want to celebrate.

 As we embrace our weakness and inability to overcome those painful memories on our own and accept the pain as a friend…to drive us to Jesus, the first step is to face those memories for what they are. Painful. To ask for Jesus’ help to get past the PAST! For when we are weak, He is strong! He is our overcoming strength through the pain, to the other side.

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We then have the power to get out of our self focus, and into looking for creative ways to bless and encourage and share with others that GREAT NEWS! Jesus came in the flesh to earth to provide a way for us to be with Him forever. The Cross. For you. For me. And then He went back HOME to prepare a place for us. AND He’s coming again…to take us HOME to be with Him. Our Eternal Heavenly Home! Now that is something to celebrate!

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