Raising Successful Kids

I have experienced the best AND the worst
My job…NOW as a stateside missionary and as a Christ-follower for nearly 50 years…and as a woman who has experienced the best AND the worst life has to offer and yet I still love Jesus and trust Him wholeheartedly! My job…my “calling” as a missionary to women…is to present you with information to help you grow more successful in your relationships. More confident. More at peace.

Today, we are discussing how to raise successful kids. That is a big concern that most of you express routinely. It seems huge and yet the solutions are simple and easily implemented. Let me explain from my own experiences with my own children…

There were two main goals I had for my children

  1. To teach them to love to read AND to love to learn. By my example. As parents, we have to model what you want them to do. So they can be all they can be according to God’s plan for their lives. Kids CATCH more than they are TAUGHT!
  2. To discover/find out what they’re good at. And encourage and support and facilitate their pursuit of it.

Availability of resources
For me, that meant making good literature available for them. And library cards. And letting them “catch” me reading my Bible and other good books. To talk to them about what I was learning. And letting them take part in choosing their “elective” subjects. God created them with certain gifts and talents and I wanted to tap into what God intended for each of them. And they had a voice into what I would choose to help them reach their goals according to their own particular learning style.Tapping into their uniqueness brings greater chance of success.

God’s provision
For me, after figuring out each child’s “bent” it meant being intentional in my choices. it meant that when I had some inheritance money from my Dad’s estate, I used most of it to be sure that my son could pursue computer programming and that my daughter could pursue writing and Biblical studies. That meant some pretty big purchases. And I can tell you that each has continued on in their adult lives in those areas. So when you ask God for wisdom, you can trust that He loves to answer and tell you HIS heart for your child! Trust Him to lead you!

I am sharing my personal experience.Homeschooling is just ONE option you have as parent, but I also mentor-coach Moms with kids in public and also in private schools. So, it is not the place wherever they learn; rather, it is the choice to be intentional about the time you do have with your kids each day. Being intentional to train them in the way God has designed them to go, so that they have a good start on success in their chosen course as adults.

Celebrate successes
I knew that routine affirmations were helpful. so I prepared a report card for each. With comments. It helped them see that what we were doing was REAL. Not just “playing” school like when they were toddlers. They were graded for their assignments and there was a report card at the end of each semester and at the end of the year. They were only competing against themselves and not against each other and not against any other kid. Always looking for a deeper understanding of their subject. Goals set. Goals reached.

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Growth mindset
Tony Robbins says we are to encourage a “growth” mindset. Forgetting what is behind. Moving forward toward the future. Let your children know you believe in them. Help them figure out their strengths, gifts, and passions. Observe: What do they LOVE to do? What do they do well? What do they love so much that it does not feel like they are doing schoolwork, but rather pursing a desire to know all they can about the particular interest?

Watch for determination and persistence.
Let them know that continuing toward a working mastery of the goal brings its own reward. And then, one day. Suddenly you realize that you have raised a “successful” fulfilled productive member of society!

I am a Missionary for Moms
My job is to help you rise to the occasion. Your job is to pray and decide if God is calling you to respond to my offer to help you be successful in those areas you are struggling with. The areas you lack confidence. It is up to you. Why don’t you give it a try?

God bless you bunches. Thank you for all you do.

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! Let's Connect!
Awaiting His shout,
Pam Taylor

The MomCourager™


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